Max and Katie the Great Danes loved to play by the pool & Max’s favorite spot was sitting on the step in the pool. Watch and laugh as Max and Katie have a rather vocal [More]
Mikey and Ellie the Great Danes love to play tug of war and love to carry packages. Watch and laugh as Mikey and Ellie have fun playing tug of war with an Amazon package and [More]
Hi Dane lovers. Home office for the foreseeable future and I like it. The song is a contest where you take your month and year of your birth and select the#1 song on the pop [More]
Jordann Monson and her husband are fostering two Great Danes during the quarantine — on top of taking care of their four other dogs! Thank you Jordann Monson for sharing Birdie and Dixie’s foster story! [More]
We do not advocate removing puppies from their litter/mom until they are AT LEAST 8 weeks old. Puppies that are removed too early are more likely to be nervous/fearful/reactive, have poor bite inhibition, and very [More]
Just started grabbing everyday interactions with my Great Danes Magic & Finn. Magic is a 5.5 year old Brindle male and Finn is a 2.4 year old Fawn male. Both are neutered and have had [More]

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